When life gets in the way….


There have been a couple of changes which explain my lack of posting lately, neither of them part of the original plan and both of them in the short term will complicate our lives rather than simplify it.

The first change is that Mr S has decided to start a micro business. I say a micro business as at the moment it is very small and in its early stages, however we are hoping and have plans for it to grow into something bigger in the long term.

The second bolt out of the blue has come in the shape of bricks and mortar. We had no intention what so ever of buying another house, however an opportunity presented itself which now means we are in the process of buying a second property.

The house in question was left to a family member and so we have had first refusal on it. It needs lots of hard work and a little money injected into it but will hopefully provide us with a rental income and an investment in the long term.

Our hope is that we can build on these multiple streams of income which would eventually provide us with enough income for Mr S to quit has job – this to us is our ultimate goal in self sufficiency.

So apologies if my posts are becoming a little sporadic! As Mr S is still in employment it will fall upon yours truly to organise and implement much of the above (besides running my own business!) Sometimes life just gets in the way of blogging 🙂