Back to life, back to reality


Firstly I must apologise for not blogging for a while. The main reason for my absence was our much-anticipated trip to Florida, the other reason being that upon our return I immediately decided to swap the Boy’s bedroom with my office in the attic which left me without a workspace or computer for a while.

Our trip was fantastic but unfortunately over all too soon. There are however a few lessons that we have learnt from our holiday that we hope to incorporate into our everyday lives.

1. We don’t need lots of stuff to have a good time.

Each of us travelled with only one small suitcase each (each one weighing less than half the 23kg allowance – how did that happen!). The contents were actually more than adequate for our trip, in fact if we had been staying longer we wouldn’t have needed anything else.

2. Play more.

Ok, so compared with home Florida is like one big playground 🙂 Seriously though sometimes we forget to have fun and forget about the carefree side of us. In an attempt to not get bogged down by life we have declared Sundays as our Fundays!

3. Go walkabout.

Walking is a great way of discovering. Even if you think you know your neighbourhood by taking a stroll you never know who you might bump into or what you might see, I aim to get out and stroll more often!

4. It’s ok to chill out.

Life is busy and its hard not to be doing so I’m going to ditch the guilt and try to make time to do nothing in particular – letting my thoughts wonder and pottering around aimlessly.

5. Be happy to be home.

It’s hard not to get the back from holiday blues but home is where the real stuff happens, besides if we hadn’t come home then we wouldn’t be able to go back again!


5 thoughts on “Back to life, back to reality

  1. aussieminimalistmum says:

    Am off on holidays ourselves tomorrow, some great life lessons there..especially the ‘you don’t need much’. Each of the kids has one small carry on suitcase to house their clothing and towels, and I have a similar sized case..less is best 🙂

  2. carinaofdevon says:

    Travel’s the way to go. I flew to Ireland in the summer for eight days (admittedly to visit my mother), and in an attempt to keep budget air costs low I brought only one 10kg piece of cabin baggage. That was for me, my 3-year old and my 4-year old. It can be done.

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