These are a few of my favourite things……

“Buy me diamonds and rubies
I’m crazy bout Bentley’s
Gucci dresses and drop top kompressors
Wine me and dine me
Bring those platinum rings
Those are a few of our favourite things”

– Big Brovaz, Favourite Things

It saddens me that nowadays many people think that the higher the price tag the better something must be. Interestingly it’s thought that the things you own with the highest material value are often not the things that add the most value to your life.

So just for the record here are a few of my favourite things………

  • My family –  I’m lucky to have such a close family both in terms of relationships and distance. We get together a lot as my Mum, Dad, Grandmother, Sister, Brother in law and Nephews all live within walking distance.
  • The view from our house – It never fails to cheer me up, whatever the time of year, in sun or snow all I have to do is take a few moments to take in the view and I’m happy
  • My cat – my old lovely lady of a cat has been my companion for 14 years. I love my cat and she loves me 🙂
  • Discovery – By nature I’m inquisitive and I love finding out about things. People, places, ideas – you name it I love to discover, whether by reading or experiencing directly.
  • Being near the ocean – The sight, the sound, the smell, the touch, the taste. Being near the ocean awakens all of the senses.
  • Laughter  – you can’t beat a good old belly laugh can you?

These some of the things in life that make me happy, really happy. The best thing about these things though is that they aren’t really “things”at all

What about you? What are your favourite things?


6 thoughts on “These are a few of my favourite things……

  1. NewAgeGranny says:

    Some of my favourite things are my iPad to connect with all you lovely internets, my family, friends, blogging, travel, books, laughing and nature – so only two of those are ‘things’ 🙂

    • Mrs Simplicity says:

      Thank you for sharing your favourite things 🙂
      Do you know what? If I had to pick two favourite “things” I would go for my books and IPad too as both of them help me learn and discover.

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