Enjoying life’s simple pleasures in Norfolk

Last week Summer finally arrived in the UK and by perfect coincidence we had planned to spend the week in our caravan. I love spending time in the caravan, the time we spend in it gives us the opportunity to get back to basics – life seems much easier when we only have room for essentials and aren’t distracted by the rest of our belongings.

Our destination this time was the heart of the Norfolk Broads, in my opinion the perfect place for us to embrace some of life’s simple pleasures…….

Sitting on deserted beaches and spotting seals watching us amongst the waves.

Preparing and eating simple but delicious meals ‘al fresco’

Enjoying the solitude of the Broads at dusk from our canoe.

Watching kingfishers skirt above the water, their iridescence catching in the sunshine.

Sitting, appreciating the warmth of the sun on our faces just watching the world go by.

The feeling of bare toes in soft warm sand.

Lazy unhurried mornings……..and afternoons and evenings.


These were some of the simple pleasures that we enjoyed last week. How about you? What are your favourite simple pleasures?


3 thoughts on “Enjoying life’s simple pleasures in Norfolk

  1. Free Your Mind Today says:

    I love waking up in the spring or fall to a foggy morning (fog is rare for us!). I love going out and just walking around before anyone else is really up, it’s so peaceful. I love summer rainstorms too, not heavy, that kind that just linger around all day- even better when the rain is warm 🙂

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