One thing I find that gives me encouragement and inspiration to live a simple life is reading how others have achieved the goal of downsizing their lives.

Whilst searching for this information on the Internet I have come across quite a few blogs and websites about minimalism. I’d never really considered applying a minimalistic approach to my life, but after reading more and more about it it’s an approach to life that really appeals to me.

Whilst I don’t ever think I could truly be classed as a minimalist (living with only 100 things, what with my family? You have to be joking! ) much of what I’ve read coincides with the steps we have taken to simplify our lives.

Minimalism and simple living are closely related as both advocate the reduction of the unnecessary in order to concentrate on what matters most. I see simple living as the charming country cousin to the slick pared back minimalism.

For those of you interested in finding out more about minimalism then these websites have a wealth of information.


7 thoughts on “Minimalism

  1. Joyness Sparkles says:

    Thank you for these links. We have been doing alot of downsizing. Later this year I am going to start devoting some time on my blog as to what our goals are and how we are going to reach them for simple living. I am so excited, thank you again for this post!

  2. jenfletcher says:

    The “charming country cousin” to “slick pared back minimalism”…..I love it!! That’s exactly what I’m striving for in our home. 🙂 (Even if we’re technically in the suburbs.)

  3. Free Your Mind Today says:

    I’m not so impressed with the message that “The Minimalists” send. They promote this lifestyle of quitting their job and money doesn’t matter, yet in the same breath they say “buy my ebook!” and now “buy my fiction!”. I have nothing against making money, it just seems like they should seperate the two, and not use people wanting to improve thier lives to buy your novel.

    Is that too harsh on them?

    • Mrs Simplicity says:

      No, I don’t think that your being too harsh as I agree, it’s frustrating to see that a lot of blogs are going down this route.

      There is some good information on there though (if you ignore the self promotion 🙂 ).

  4. aussieminimalistmum says:

    Yep, I’m on the same journey. Not sure if minimalism is achievable with kids, and whether it should be! Either way, I’m on the way to a simpler life..less stuff, more life and it sure is working for us 🙂 Great read, cheers.

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