Simplifying Life – The Next Steps

At the moment I feel that our plans are in limbo. I know that it’s to do with the time of year as we take ourselves off at every opportunity to make the most of the Summer. It shouldn’t be a surprise really as this happens every year and we try not to plan any large projects throughout the Summer months but it does mean that we lose some of our momentum.

So this post will hopefully act as a reminder of all that I feel that we have achieved so far in simplifying our lives and hopefully inspire us to continue on our journey.

Things we have done so far….

  • Moved house and paid off our mortgage.
  • Made energy-saving measures and lowered our fuel bills.
  • Set up my own home based business.
  • Begun to grow and brew our own.
  • Decluttered our possessions.

Things that need work on……..

  • Lower our fuel bills even more to save money and the enviroment.
  • Declutter more and learn to live with less.
  • Grow more of our own fruit and vegetables.
  • Look at other streams of income which are not reliant on employment by others.
  • Streamline our finances to enable us to save for our future plans.

I’m sure that there are many more things that will be added to the to do list over time, how about you – what have you already done towards achieving a simpler life?


8 thoughts on “Simplifying Life – The Next Steps

  1. taylorsoflovesomehill says:

    Thank you so much for your inspirational and honest blogs – they have kept me going through some recent difficult times.

    In a few days I will be 65 years old and redundant from 10 years as a ICT/Family History tutor with an adult educational association. It has taken this experience to make me realise you have to be true to your own values and not with the organisation(s) you aline yourself with.

    I’m very lucky to have the support and love of my family, friends and learners – you should have seen the leaving party they put on for me today – it was astounding. I didn’t realise I was held in such high regard – throughout my teaching my learners have been the reason why I did what I did – and I probably would not do it any different. The disappointment is with the organsiation that employed me, they have comprised their principals for government funding – not something I would do. Maintaining your own integrity is difficult and challenging but so vitally important.

    I plan to continue working, it will be in an activity that is worthwhile, honest and maintains my integrity – this will include working with my daughter in the field of offering support, education and training for fellow dyslexics. As well as raising awareness of the needs of dyslexics.

    Like yourselves I’ve been downshifted for years and have becoming increasingly self-sufficient. I now want to live an honourable life.

    Please continue to live your live as you have and plan to do so.

    Kind regards and best wishes,

    • Mrs Simplicity says:

      Hi Sue,
      Thank you for such an insightful comment. I’m sorry to hear of your redundancy, it seems as though no proffession is safe these days.

      The plans you are making with your daughter sound very interesting and I love the idea of aligning your work with your values. Unfortunately the organisations with integrity are few and far between these days it would seem that profits are more important.

      Good luck for the future, it sounds like you have some exciting times ahead 🙂

  2. Free Your Mind Today says:

    In the past few years I went from being incredibly stressed out and feeling like my life was in a horrible dead-end rut, to realizing that I was very fortunate to have what I did, and to understand that some things are not worth being stressed about.

    Then I started getting rid of my stuff! That was certainly a breath of fresh air. Now I am trying to decide on employment where I feel I am contributing back to society in a more meaningful way. It’s a long process 🙂

  3. patinaandcompany says:

    I like this post so much, and am always inspired by your thoughts and insights on simplifying, however lamely I attempt to incorporate them into my lifestyle at times! We all need to simplify in some way or ways. I thought of you as soon as I was chosen for the Liebster Blog Award, so have nominated you to receive and pass it on.

    Keep on inspiring!

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