One Man’s Junk……

I think that I may have mentioned before that Mr S is a hoarder. We often come to blows over things that magically appear in our house that other people see no good reason to keep. Like some people rescue injured animals he rescues unwanted junk.

The reason he does this is that to him it’s not junk, one day it will come in handy. For what god only knows but there it sits in the house until I can’t take it anymore and I blow a fuse (for which I’m sure he has a replacement stashed away).

This “treasure” then disappears never to be seen again into the garage or the shed – out of sight out of mind for both of us.

There is a fatal flaw in all of this though – our garage is not a tardis.

It has become apparent that something has to be done. While we were planning the vegetable garden we decided we needed not one but two more sheds! One for potting plants, the other for storage.

The potting shed is needed, at the moment potting up is done outside if fine but more often than not in the house which is not ideal. The other reason is because all of the garden tools are scattered over half an acre of garden because we have no storage space for them, and guess why we have no storage space for the things that we need to store? Because our shed and garage are full of useless junk!

Actually I am being a little unfair here. A lot of what is hidden away are remnants from the past, extra materials from our house renovation, materials from when Mr S worked for himself but the point is still the same – it is not needed and taking up valuable space and it is valuable because we were considering the purchase of more storage space.

It’s amazing what the thought of spending money on something we already have but is under utilised can do – this week Mr S began a clear out in earnest.

One full sack followed another into the trailer and then off it went to the waste tip. The best thing about this (beside actually being able to walk into the garage) – after only one day of clearing he had cashed in enough scrap metal and spare cable to pay for the new potting shed!


5 thoughts on “One Man’s Junk……

  1. lightlycrunchy says:

    Perfect! If it makes you feel any better, we have half of a barn that looks like this. We have 3large barns, but it still drives me insane. At some point we will need to rent a dumpster to clean it up.

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