When Only a 4 x 4 Will Do

Ok, we’re the Simplicity Family and we drive a gas guzzling 4 x 4. Sounds like a confession doesn’t it?

Well it is and I have to confess that it doesn’t sit quite right with our ideals.

Whilst I sympathize with those who think that 4×4’s are the machines of the devil and I agree that in a lot of cases they are driven unnecessarily there are times when only a 4×4 will do…….

In our defence we have been running it for quite a few years now, have maintained it and run it for more than the all too common 3 year turnover. This is far better for the environment than changing every few years as the amount of energy required to produce a new car is massive. I guess what I am saying that it isn’t black and white and let’s face it is driving any car enviromently friendly?


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