One Lovely Blog Award

I’ve just been nominated for my first blog award! Annie at Biocadence passed to me the One Lovely Blog Award.

There are some fun rules that go with accepting this award…….

First you must thank the giver and link back to them: That one is easy. Thank you Annie, receiving this award made my day  🙂

Second I need to share seven possibly unknown things about myself, so here goes……

1. I am terrified of crabs. This goes back to when I was 5 years old and one bit my big toe in the sea at Scarborough.

2. When I was 16 dyed my hair purple. When I was 18 I had dreadlocks. I may look like a respectable(ish) Mum now but I’m a hippy at heart.

3. I have a cat called Purdy, she is 14 years old and has adopted me as her human.

4. I was once a bass guitar player in a band.

5. My secret guilty pleasure is Disney World in Florida. I’m not a Disney fan but that place is like a complete contrast and escape from everyday life.

6. I’m a left handed capricorn.

7. I hate celery but I love pickled eggs!

Third is to nominate 15 other blogs you like for this award.

So in no particular order these are the blogs that I nominate……..

  1. The Hedge Combers
  2. Lightlycrunchy
  3. Journey To The Green Dream
  4. Carina of Devon
  5. Minamalist Living
  6. The Happy Hippy
  7. A Good Day To Live
  8. Persuing Enough
  9. A Life in the Country
  10. Notes From The Frugal Trenches
  11. Living Lagom
  12. Backyard Feast
  13. The 10 Year Challenge
  14. Live Nakedly
  15. Back Road Journal

I hope you visit everyone’s blog and are as impressed with them as I am, there are some truly inspirational people out there – Enjoy!


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