A Happy Accident

When we moved here the front garden was neglected and overgrown. Our plans regarding the garden at this point were a little vague as our main commitment was to get the house habitable.  We knew that we would need to create a graveled area of hard standing at the front to store our caravan but other than that the rest of the garden has evolved by accident rather than by design.

The clearing begins

We were lucky to have two established cherry trees and a rhododendron hedge as a backdrop but other than that the rest of the planting has been accidental to some extent.

As this was the only part of the garden that was plantable the few plants that came with us from our last house went in here, as did plants that were kindly donated by friends and family. Plants that were bought as gifts and even a potted Christmas tree have all ended up in here. What started life as a holding area for the plants that were to be planted elsewhere in the garden has somehow ended up looking like this……

Just a few years later!

A very happy accident indeed!


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