Another Busy Weekend……hic!

It was Mr S’s birthday at the weekend and whilst he had decided that he didn’t want us to buy him anything in particular there is a hobby that he has been wanting to try for a while now – cider making.

So as a birthday present from the family he received all the necessary equipment to make his own cider. The first attempt has been made with an apple concentrate kit but it is Mr S’s intention to eventually use our own apples and there is already talk of nettle and beetroot wine!

Work in progress….

Hubble, Bubble……..

40 pints fermenting nicely!

Cider is our tipple of choice so not only is it hobby it also fits in with our self sufficentish lifestyle and hopefully over the summer months and the BBQ season should save us some money (if we can persuade our friends to drink it!). Luckily there is a home brewing shop not for from where we live and so we are able to get all the equipment we need to brew our own locally and cheaply.

Things have progressed in the veggie garden this weekend too. A couple more raised beds have been built and filled with soil which was moved from the orchard to be. The potatoes appear to be growing well and needed earthing up and we have got quite a lot planted – the sweetcorn and french beans have gone in and carrots, salsify, beetroot, peas, courgettes and spring onions sown.


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