Gardening Ideas For Children

Ok, so he may be a little heavy handed in the garden……

We have always tried to encourage our son to get out and help in the garden. Nowadays as he’s approaching his teens things are a little different but if the activities include either a bonfire if it’s cold or a BBQ if its warm he’s happy to join in.

Children love being outdoors so here are a few ideas to encourage them into the garden:

  • Go on a hunt for flowers, berries, leaves or insects
  • Plant seeds (inside or outside)
  • Create vegetable, fruit and leaf prints
  • Make seed mosaics
  • Simple supervised tasks such as deadheading or watering plants
  • Start a wormery
  • Watch a butterfly or tadpole develop
  • Place carrot tops in water & watch them sprout roots and leaves
  • Press and dry flowers
  • Arrange fresh flowers

If you have any other ideas I’d love to hear them! Hope the sun shines where you are this weekend and that you manage to get out and have a great time!


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