Decluttering Your Wardrobe

A rainy afternoon this weekend gave me the chance to have a clear out of my wardrobe. I tend to do this twice a year when the seasons change from Autumn/Winter to Spring/Summer as this is the time that I bring out my seasonal clothes.

My reason for doing this is that it does make my life easier if I simplify my wardrobe. If I can see all my clothes hanging there I find it easier to pick out an outfit in the morning. When you have what you actually need and love, going through your wardrobe is much easier. You can see what you have readily, and can be confident that what you have suits your lifestyle, personality, and body shape. No more trawling through the ok stuff to get to the stuff you actually love and use. Simplifying, decluttering and living with less in your wardrobe isn’t about being plain or boring. It’s about enjoying what you have by weeding out those things you don’t care for. All they do is dilute happiness, clutter homes and complicate our lives.

This weekend I managed to clear out a full bin bag of clothing which will be going to our local charity shop and a few choice pieces that have been photographed ready to be listed on Ebay.

Here are my tips on how to declutter your wardrobe…..

  • Chose a time when you won’t be rushed. Give yourselves plenty of time as you don’t want to be rushed into making any hasty decisions.
  • Empty your wardrobe onto your bed. That’s big pile isn’t it?
  • Now pick up each piece one by one and ask the following questions:
  • Does it fit? Not, does it fit if I lose a few pounds, but does it fit right now?

  • Do I love it? Do I feel good when I wear it.

  • Is it in good condition?

  • Does it fit in with my lifestyle?

If the item receives a yes to each of these four questions, keep it and hang it back in your wardrobe. With the remaining clothing make two piles, one for donations to a charity shop the other for Ebay.

If you end up with a pile of  “not sures” at the end of the process be as realistic as possible with yourself. How can you work these items into your wardrobe? Do they work with the other pieces you have? Are they in good condition? Do they flatter you or fit in with your personal style? Or are you better off without them? Once you’ve thought carefully about each item in this pile, place them in the appropriate place either back in your wardrobe or in the donation bag/Ebay pile.

Repeat this process with any drawers or storage chests you may have and you’ll soon have one wonderfully organised wardrobe!


5 thoughts on “Decluttering Your Wardrobe

  1. patinaandcompany says:

    I dream of doing this, and have done a feeble approximation of it one time, but the problem I have is that everything I have ever bought was something I loved, and I still pull out decades-old items which are back in fashion and find new life for them on a regular basis. Also, many of these “oldies but goodies” have been made off with by my 21-year-old. Then there are those memorable experiences where I have said “this awful bright green coat jacket is the one thing that will never come back in style”, only to see the same thing in magazines the following spring after I donate it. I think some of us are wired to part with things and move on, and others get attached to everything. Lucky for me, though, I do not buy a lot of new things, so I guess that’s the balance I strike.

    21-year-old took a pair of 80s sunglasses out of my dresser last year, and I reluctantly told her she could have them. She then looked on EBay or some place and advised me other people were selling the same glasses “vintage” for $500 or $600.

    Kudos to those who can do it and not look back, though!

  2. Mrs Simplicity says:

    Your daughter obviously has good taste and an eye for desirable vintage pieces! Funnily enough one of the things that I’m parting with this time are a pair of vintage designer sunglasses that I’ve kept but not worn for many years – I’ll make sure that they go on Ebay.

    I think that you’re right about being wired a certain way. I get a buzz about letting go of things, it leaves me clear headed, on the other hand my husband finds it a physical wrench to let go of anything.

    It must be lovely to have a daughter to pass things onto, I doubt my 12 year old son would appreciate anything I have!

  3. Free Your Mind Today says:

    I cleared out my clothes recently as well! I pretty much used the method you described here- the most important question was “does it fit now?” I’m still tossing out pants that don’t fit right now, and probably won’t fit me for a few years. I also donated quite a few shirts that I didn’t really wear anymore, and couldn’t think of the last time I did wear them.

    I donated 99% of my clothes that I was getting rid of, and sold the rest. It’s very freeing, and my closet is nice and almost empty!

    • Mrs Simplicity says:

      It’s funny that you should comment on this today as as I was putting some ironing away I took another look in my wardrobe and ended up getting rid of a load more stuff! Most of it will be donated and a few things will go on eBay.

      I really would like to reduce my clothes even more and have given myself a mini challenge of not buying anymore untill winter, hopefully be then I’ll have an almost empty wardrobe too 🙂

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