It’s Easy Being Clean!

Rain, rain go away.....

Whilst the unrelenting rain that we have had this week has done wonders for the garden it has also ensured that my free time has been spend indoors rather than outside. As a result of this my attention has been directed at sorting out our living quarters.

Have nothing in your homes that you do not know to be useful and believe to be beautiful. – William Morris

I know that this quote has been churned out time and time again but Mr Morris had a point didn’t he? Nowadays we acquire so much, most of it bought on a whim and shortly forgotten about afterwards.  So with William Morris’ words as my mantra I set about systematically culling each room of the unnecessary. My reason for doing this being;

1. Easier to clean

I hate spending time cleaning. Every moment I spend cleaning I know I could be doing something far more rewarding, however growing up with a Mother who is ever so slightly obsessive about cleaning (4am hoovering anyone?) has left its mark. I have to clean the house before I can enjoy other pursuits and I figure that the less things you have the less there is to clean.

2.Less stressful

I find that clutter is a distraction. I cannot relax surrounded by clutter and a simple, tidy space helps me focus.

3. More appealing

To me simple homes are beautiful homes – it’s just my preference.

So now whilst not quite the minimalistic sanctuary that I dream of the house is at least organised. I get a great satisfaction knowing where things are and that if asked I can put my hands on something without having to rummage through the build up of seven years of living here.


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