Simplifying Life

I think that by nature I prefer simplicity. I function far better when my surroundings are less cluttered and pared back. I like to work without the distractions of the radio or TV as with them I find it hard to focus on the task in hand.

As part of our simplicity project I want to reduce the excess in our lives. To me simplifying our lives means one thing – cutting back on the less essential things to allow more space to enjoy the things that we love. By doing this I hope that we can concentrate on the things that mean the most to us both as individuals and as a family.

I think that we have too much ‘stuff’ – stuff that we don’t need or use. Now don’t get me wrong, we are far from excessive however I have mimimalistic tendencies and so I am easily frustrated by the slightest amount of clutter.

My plan is quite simple – firstly reduce the amount of possessions to what we need, use or love and secondly reduce the amount of things that enter our home. This though will be easier said than done as both my husband and son have potential maximumist (is there such a word?)  tendencies. Now I don’t mean that they are spendaholics, they, like a lot of men HATE shopping. They just seem to aquire things.

Take one night a few years ago. We had met friends at a local pub for a few drinks. Late that night we were walking home and on the way we passed an overflowing skip and there perched on top was a tatty, well worn workbench. Now we have a perfectly good workbench at home however this workbench had to come home with us – never mind that it was in the skip for a reason – it was dirty, heavy and we still had another 1/2 mile to walk.

In the cold (and sober) light of day the reason for the work bench being in the skip was apparent – it was completely broken and not fit for purpose, however it is still here unused and cluttering up the garage to this day.

So this week I shall be thinking how we can as a family look to reduce the amount of unnecessary possessions we have in our lives and hopefully make our homelife a little simpler.


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