The Orchard – Part 2

We have been trying to keep this part of the garden clear for the past few years. The brambles and perennial weeds have finally been controlled and this weekend saw us borrowing a rotavator to help turn the soil and clear it of rubbish.

Quite a machine!

The soil here is amazing, years of neglect and decaying vegetation have left a lovely loamy soil that would be fantastic for growing vegetables in so we have decided to transfer some of it into the new raised beds that we are building in the vegetable garden.

Lovely Stuff!

What we didn’t expect to find was so much junk! Not long after we started we dug up one and then two of these.

First the hub caps….

I was joking to my husband when I said that perhaps the rest of the car might be buried in the garden somewhere…..

Then the axle!

The soil will now be raked, leveled and then covered with black plastic to deter further weeds until the time is right to seed it with a meadow mix .

Almost There


4 thoughts on “The Orchard – Part 2

  1. patinaandcompany says:

    I love the idea of becoming more self-sufficient; our society isn’t really set up for that kind of thing any more. You have to be part rebel and there is so much to learn for most people. It’s killing me wondering where in general your plot of agricultural endeavour is located.

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